Starting an Online Shop? 15 Essential Features for Ecommerce Websites

07 Jun

Starting an Online Shop? 15 Essential Features for Ecommerce Websites

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Ease of Use

Simplicity should be a goal in good design and you don't have to sacrifice elegance to achieve it.

  • High-Resolution Photos and Video

Shoppers want to see multiple angles and people using the product in different environments. They want to be able to zoom in and get a feel for the product they want to purchase.

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

All websites are required to have a mobile-friendly version or suffer the SEO consequences. 

  • User-Generated Reviews

Shoppers read reviews. About 92% of them, in fact. The star rating of your product is the number one factor used by consumers to decide their buying behavior.

  • Special Offers

If e-commerce sites are using promotions, providing a unique webpage that lists the offers will not only drive more sales but also improves SEO.

  • Wish Lists

What's better than having customers bookmark items they want and will most likely buy in the future? That's just gold in the pocket. And a remarketing campaign dream.

  • Find-in-Store

Not all e-commerce sites have brick-and-mortar stores. However, those that do must have a find-in-store feature.

  • Related Items

Related items feature on e-commerce sites creates the desirable stickiness effect that so many marketers strive to achieve.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ sections also provide a self-help area to address common customer problems. Buyers often ask about product support, returns, lost account, passwords, etc.

  • Social Proof

Linking social profiles and user-generated content with an e-commerce site are must-have features that will give online sellers brand character.

  • Security Features

It's crucial that online sellers protect customer's information and take steps to ensure privacy.

  • Advanced Payment Options

Shoppers with registered accounts literally buy with the click of a button.

  • Detailed Shipping Information

It's critical that e-commerce websites include shipping information early in the check-out process.

  • Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

Never make it hard for the customers to get in touch or request support.

  • Return Policy

This is another trust-building feature for online selling. It reassures buyers that if they are unhappy or just need a different size, the brand is there for them.

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