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Gatchips. The Story of Upcycling Saging
Davao Region boasts of being the Banana Export Capital of the Country supplying major countries in the world including the US, Japan, China and some parts of Europe.

The variety of Banana we export is called Cavendish. You see them in 7/11 stores.

Due to strict import requirements, not all Cavendish make the cut. Leaving big quantity of the fruit being wasted sometimes thrown in the rivers, side streets or just anywhere else left to rot.

Saging Repablik, a themed restaurant in Davao City, was inspired to use those rejects, gathers Cavendish harvested 2 to 3 days not passing the grade, and make them in to Cavendish chips. Hand cut individually, cooked using coconut oil, packed and ready to eat, a very healthy snack was born in 2014 christened Gatchips.

Gatchi Gatchallian, the owner of Saging Repablik is now ready to share this sustainable news with everyone. He shares that the company helps reduce waste, and makes everyone part of the solutions of environment issue.

"Every Gatchips you bite, you help! Indulge yourself into healthy snacking with our saging!"
That's GATCHIPS. Upcycling Saging.

Gatchips is exclusively sold in Saging Repablik, Davao City. It will be opening its first location outside Davao City at the Upper Ground of SM Megamall in December 2019, and other SM Malls in 2020.
That's more saging for upcycling!




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